Start Your Own
Private Practice

Start Your Own Private Practice Consultation Services

Are you a Mental Health Professional who has considered starting your own psychotherapy private practice but you are left feeling confused, overwhelmed or stuck? If  you have asked yourself, where to start and are unsure of:

  • Who to talk to
  • What’s involved
  • How to do it

If your answers to the above questions are yes, meet with Dr. Lipsky to get your questions answered and learn the steps she has taken to develop, grow and sustain her practice. Consultations will include discussions detailing the essential elements in developing your ideal practice, including but not limited to:

  • The fundamental differences between going into solo practice vs. joining a group practice
  • Participating with insurance companies or not
  • Record keeping options (including benefits and drawbacks of EHR and practice management systems)
  • Considerations of where geographically to start your practice
  • Marketing ideas and considerations
  • Forming a sole proprietorship or an LLC
  • Setting aside money for self-employment taxes
  • Understanding your unique value as a clinician
  • Creating a long-term vision for your ideal practice

Questions? Contact MPS PLLC at: to learn more about how to start your own psychotherapy private practice today.  How to Start A Psychotherapy Practice consultations are available in both an individual and small group format (if available).*